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Would You Like One Of The Most Entertaining Close-up Roving Table Magicians In Brisbane And The Gold Coast?

A close-up roving table Magician that will give your guests the most fantastic and memorable time which will be remembered by staff, friends and family long after the function is over.
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Well congratulations! You have stumbled across Magic Mike one of Brisbane’s and Gold Coasts most successful close-up roving table Magicians.

Are you having a party, wedding or corporate function that requires an entertainer to ‘break the ice’ by performing close-up comedy magic that will have your guests laughing, interacting and amazed like never before?

Sometimes when a group of people get together for the first time at a party, wedding or corporate function can sometimes have a little hint of awkwardness with guests either starting conversation or interacting. This is a blessing for Magic Mike because Mike is able to encourage guests to interact by breaking the ice using magic and comedy as the vehicle.

A typical example of this is Mike approaches a group of people, does his performance then leaves the group who were previously quite are now interacting, laughing and talking to the others about how Mike did that trick.

With 18 years of experience Magic Mike achieves all this with sleight of hand, timing, body language and humour. Magic Mike utilizes several magical props to name a few: sponge balls, cards, silks even a hilarious fury Raccoon that runs around the place doing impersonations.

Another element of Magic Mike’s routine is to borrow items from the guests things like rings, watches, money, cigarettes and other items. Disappearing and reappearing other peoples items adds another astonishing level of be wilderment to Magic Mikes routine for the obvious reason that the items are not gimmicked or a Magicians tool.

Magic Mike’s close-up roving magic is a fantastic service that can ‘break the ice’ at your party, corporate function or to entertain your guests at your Wedding while you have your photo’s taken. Whatever the occasion Magic Mike the Magician can accommodate with whatever requirements you need.

Couple laughing at Mike’s Raccoon routine
  • Entertainment is an important ingredient for a successful party/function.
  • Great way to get your party/function started in a funny positive way.
  • Encourages and stimulates communication between your guests to help break the ice.
  • Enjoyable memories of your party/function will be talked about and remembered by your guests days after the party/function is over.


    TERMS OF HIRE: If your event is cancelled due to weather or any other circumstance no remuneration applies.
    Or ring Gold Coast Magician – Magic Mike (Magician Gold Coast) directly on 0414 658 075

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